Aqua Tech Waterjet Machine - Mach4 4020b

Mach4 4020bStandard Features

  • 13.1 x 6.6 foot cutting envelope

  • Dynamic Waterjet® XD - for faster more accurate bevel and 3D cutting

  • Flow's High-Performance NanoDrive System

  • The highest precision motion system in the industry

  • UltraPierce™ - ideal for cutting brittle and laminated materials such as marble, stone, glass, and composites.

  • Laser Edge Finder - allows a waterjet operator to precisely position their Flow waterjet at an exact position on the workpiece being cut.

  • Cutting system combines a pump rated at 94,000 pis (648 MPa), with Dynamic Waterjet XD, a high-precision flat stock and 3-D waterjet cutting technology. This combination is said to improve part cycle time and accuracy two to four times over standard non-Dynamic systems. The patented dynamic XD allows cutting bevels and 3-D parts using small wrist with up to 60º of articulation in any direction.

    Aqua Tech Waterjet Machine - Omax 55100

    Precision machining workhorse: From prototypes to production runs in sizes up to 4' x 8'. The Model 55100 JetMachining Center cuts complex flat parts out of materials including metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and composites directly from a CAD drawing or .DXF file. JetMachining is ideal for short-run part production, just-in-time manufacturing, tooling and prototype part development.

    Cut Quality

    Qualities 1 through 5 use abrasive and water to cut the material. A quality of 1 will cut through the material; however it will leave a rough edge quality. This is acceptable if the edge will not be seen or if it is going to be welded. A quality of 2 will leave a fair edge and is good enough for most applications. A quality of 3 will leave a good edge and this our default setting. A quality of 4 is excellent and is great for machine parts or parts requiring a polished edge. A quality of 5 is superior to all.

    Standard Features

    Abrasive Jet Benefits